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WallBackstage - Pro Space

The specialist in decoration and design through images

Amaze your customers: energize your spaces !!!

WallBackstage knows how to offer the best of photography, music and cinema to dress up premises and other spaces whatever the budget.

Our thousands of exclusive images are available in all formats and on many media ... tailor-made has no limits. We bring you our expertise to study with you any type of project!


Benefits and services

Wallbackstage is a brand of the PressBackstage agency, a French photo agency created in 2015 specializing in music and cinema for the media, daily press / magazine, the publishing, advertising and communication sectors.

PressBackstage offers millions of exclusive vintage archives, national and international news photos of music, cinema and people from the 1950s to today.

For this, we have developed an ergonomic platform on the Internet to facilitate your access to all of these archives.

This real historical heritage, witness to the evolution of our societies, is also accessible to private or institutional cultural organizations for the organization of events such as thematic exhibitions.
Do not hesitate to consult us: contact@pressbackstage.com

Thanks to our large network of photographers, we offer you an iconography in perpetual evolution and in all musical styles:

Acid blues, Acid breaks, Acid house, Acid jazz, Acid rock, Acid techno, Acid trance, Acidcore, Afrobeat, Afropop, Afrotrap, Aguinaldo , Ambient, Ambient house, Ambient jungle, Ambient techno, Americana, Anarcho-punk, Anti-folk, Apala , Arena rock, Ars antiqua, Ars nova, Art punk, Art rock, Ars subtilior, Austropop, Avant-funk, Avant-garde jazz, Avant-prog, Avanthop, Axé, Bachata, Bachatango, Baggy, Baguala, Baião, Baila, Baile funk, Bakersfield sound, Balearic beat, Balearic trance, Ballade, Ballet, Baltimore club, Bambuco, Barbershop, Bass music, Bassline, Batucada, Bay Area thrash metal, Beat, Beiguan , Benga, Bebop, Berceuse, Big band, Big beat, Big room house, Biguine, Bikutsi, Black metal, Black metal dépressif (DBM), Black metal norvégien, Black metal symphonique, Bluegrass, Blues, Blues africain, Blues électrique, Blues rock, Blues traditionnel, Boléro, Bongo Flava, Boogaloo, Boogie-woogie, Bossa nova, Bounce music, Brass band, Breakbeat, Breakbeat hardcore, Breakcore, Britpop, Broken beat, Brutal death metal, Bubblegum pop, Bubblegum dance, C86, C-pop, Calypso, Cantopop, Cello rock, Cha-cha-cha, Chaâbi algérien, Chaâbi marocain, Changüí, Chanson française, Chant grégorien, Chicago blues, Chicago house, Chill-out, Chillstep, Chillwave, Chiptune (ou musique 8-bit), City pop, Classic rag, Cloud rap, Cold wave, College rock, Complextro, Concerto, Contradanza, Cool jazz, Country, Country alternative, Country folk, Country néo traditionnelle, Country pop, Country rap, Country rock, Country soul, Cowpunk, Crossover, Crossover thrash, Crunk, Crunk'n'b, Crunkcore, Crust punk, Cumbia, D-beat, Dance (ou EDM), Dance-pop, Dance-punk, Dance-rock, Dancehall, Dangdut, Danzón, Dark ambient, Dark metal, Dark psytrance, Dark wave, Dark wave néo-classique, Darkcore (ou darkside), Darkcore (ou doomcore), Darkstep, Death-doom, Death metal, Death metal mélodique, Death metal technique, Death 'n' roll, Death rock, Deathcore, Deathcountry, Deathgrind, Deep house, Deepkho, Delta blues, Detroit blues, Digital hardcore, Dirty South, Disco, Disco house, Disco polo, Diva house, Dixieland, Djent, Doo-wop, Doom metal, Downtempo, Dream pop, Dream trance, Drill, Drill and bass, Drone, Drum and bass, Drumfunk, Drumstep, Dub, Dub poetry, Dub techno, Dubstep, Dubstyle, Dunedin sound, Dutch house, Early hardcore, Easycore, Electro, Electro house, Electro swing, Electroclash, Électro-industriel, Electronic body music (EBM), Electronica, Electronicore, Emo, Emo pop, Éthio-jazz, Ethno-jazz, Euro disco, Eurobeat, Eurodance, Europop, Extratone, Fado, Fanfare, Fidget house, Filin, Flamenco, Folk, Folk metal, Folk progressif, Folk psychédélique, Folk rock, Folktronica, Freakbeat, Free jazz, Freeform hardcore, Freestyle, French touch, Frenchcore, Fun-punk, Funk, Funk rock, Funk metal, Funktronica, Funky house, Future bass, Future garage, Future house, G-funk, Gabber, Gaelic punk, Gangsta rap, Garage house, Garage punk, Garage rock, Geek rock, Ghetto house, Ghettotech, Glam metal, Glam punk, Glam rock, Glitch, Glitch-hop, Goregrind, Gospel, Gospel blues, Gothabilly, Gqom, Grebo, Grime, Grindcore, Grindie, Groove metal, Grunge, Guajira, Guaracha, Gypsy punk, Handsup, Happy gabber, Happy hardcore, Hard bop, Hard house, Hard rock, Hard trance, Hardbag, Hardbass, Hardcore chrétien, Hardcore mélodique, Hardstep, Hardstyle, Hardtechno, Heartland rock, Heavy metal, Heavy metal traditionnel, Hi-NRG, Highlife, Hip-hop, Hip-hop alternatif, Hip-hop australien, Hip-hop chrétien, Hip-hop expérimental, Hip-hop old-school, Hip-hop orchestral, Hip-hop psychédélique, Hip-hop sud-coréen, Hip-house, Hiplife, Hipster-hop, Honky tonk, Horror punk, Horrorcore, House music, House progressive, Illbient, Indie dance, Indie folk, Indie pop, Industrial hardcore, Intelligent dance music (IDM), Italo dance, Italo disco, Italo house, J-core, J-pop, J-rock, Jangle pop, Jazz, Jazz afro-cubain, Jazz blues, Jazz-funk, Jazz fusion (ou jazz-rock), Jazz manouche, Jazz modal, Jazz Nouvelle-Orléans, Jazz punk, Jazz rap, Jazz vocal, Jazz West Coast, Jazzstep, Jump blues, Jump-up, Jumpstyle, Jungle, K-pop, Kaneka, Kansas City blues, Kasékò, Kawaii metal, Kizomba, Klezmer, Kompa, Krautrock, Kuduro, Kwaito, Latin house, Latin jazz, Latin metal, Lento violento, Léròl, Liquid funk, Livetronica, Lo-fi, Logobi, Louisiana blues, Lounge, Luk thung, Madchester, Mainstream, Mainstream hardcore, Makina, Makossa, Maloya, Mambo, Mandopop, Mangue beat, Marche, Mashup, Math rock, Mathcore, Mbalax, Medieval rock, Memphis blues, Merengue, Merenhouse, Metal alternatif, Metal avant-gardiste, Metal celtique, Metal chrétien, Metal extrême, Metal gothique, Metal industriel, Metal néo-classique, Metal oriental, Metal progressif, Metal symphonique, Metalcore, Metalcore mélodique, Miami bass, Microhouse, Midwest rap, Milonga, Minneapolis sound, Moombahcore, Moombahton, Mozambique, Murga, Musette, Música popular brasileira (MPB), Musique acoustique, Musique aléatoire, Musique alternative, Musique ancienne, Musique arabo-andalouse, Musique baroque, Musique bretonne, Musique bruitiste (ou noise music), Musique cadienne (ou musique Cajun), Musique celtique, Musique chrétienne contemporaine(ou CCM), Musique classique, Musique concrète (ou acousmatique), Musique cubaine, Musique de jeu vidéo, Musique de variétés, Musiques du monde, Musique électroacoustique, Musique électronique, Musique émergente, Musique expérimentale, Musique gothique, Musique industrielle, Musique instrumentale, Musique irlandaise, Musique latine, Musique LGBT, Musique minimaliste, Musique mixte, Musique post-industrielle, Musique progressive, Musique romantique, Musique sérielle, Musique spectrale, Nardcore, Nashville sound, National socialist black metal (NSBM), Nazi punk, Nederpop, Negro spiritual, Néo-bop, Néo-classicisme, Neo-psychedelia, Neo soul, Néo-trad, Néofolk, Nerdcore, Neue Deutsche Härte, Neue Deutsche Welle, Neurofunk, New age, New beat, New jack swing, New prog, New wave, New wave of American heavy metal(NWOAHM), New wave of British heavy metal(NWOBHM), New York blues, New York hardcore, Nightcore, Nintendocore, Nocturne, No wave, Noise pop, Noise rock, Northern soul, Nu-disco, Nu-NRG, Nu jazz, Nu metal, Nueva trova, Oi!, Old-time, Opéra, Opéra-rock, Oratorio, Outlaw country, Pachanga, Paisley Underground, Palm-wine music, Paso doble, Philadelphia soul, Piano blues, Piano rock, Piano stride, Piedmont blues, Pirate metal, Polonaise, Pop, Pop baroque, Pop latino, Pop metal, Pop progressive, Pop psychédélique, Pop punk, Pop-rap, Pop rock, Pornogrind, Post-bop, Post-disco, Post-grunge, Post-hardcore, Post-metal, Post-punk, Post-rock, Power ballad, Power metal, Power pop, Powerviolence, Prélude, Progressive psytrance, Protopunk, Psychobilly, Pub rock, Punk blues, Punk celtique, Punk chrétien, Punk folk, Punk hardcore (ou hardcore), Punk rock, Punta rock, Punto guajiro, Queercore, Quiet storm, Rabiz, Raga rock, Ragga, Ragtime, Raï, Raï'n'B, Rap East Coast, Rap hardcore, Rap metal, Rap politique, Rap rock, Rap West Coast, Rapcore, Rave, Rawstyle, Rebetiko, Red dirt, Reggae, Reggae fusion, Reggaecrunk, Reggaeton, Rhapsodie, Rhythm and blues, Riot grrrl, RnB contemporain, Rock, Rock alternatif, Rock alternatif latino, Rock argentin, Rock brésilien, Rock canadien, Rock celtique, Rock chilien, Rock chinois, Rock chrétien, Rock communiste, Rock électronique, Rock en espagnol, Rock expérimental, Rock gothique, Rock identitaire français (RIF), Rock in opposition, Rock indépendant, Rock industriel, Rock instrumental, Rock 'n' roll, Rock néo-progressif, Rock progressif, Rock progressif espagnol, Rock progressif français, Rock progressif italien, Rock psychédélique, Rock sudiste, Rock suédois, Rock symphonique, Rock turc, Rock wagnérien, Rockabilly, Rocksteady, Rondo, Roots rock, Rumba, Rumba catalane, Rumba congolaise, Rumba flamenca, Sadcore, Saint Louis blues, Salegy, Salsa, Salsa-ragga, Salsaton, Samba, Samba rock, Sambass, Scherzo, Schlager, Schranz, Screamo, Séga, Seggae, Semba, Shock rock, Shoegazing, Ska, Ska-jazz, Ska punk, Skate punk, Skiffle, Slam, Slow, Slow fox (ou foxtrot), Slowcore, Sludge metal, Smooth jazz, Snap, Soca, Soft rock, Son cubain, Sonate, Songo, Sophisti-pop, Soukous, Soul, Soul blues, Soul jazz, Soul psychédélique, Southern gospel, Southern soul, Space rock, Speed garage, Speed metal, Speedcore, Splittercore, Stoner rock, Street punk, Sunshine pop, Surf, Swamp blues, Swamp pop, Swing, Symphonie, Synthpop (ou electropop ou technopop), Synthpunk (ou electropunk), Synthwave, T-pop, Tango, Taqwacore, Tarentelle, Tech house, Tech trance, Techno, Techno de Détroit, Techno hardcore, Techno minimale, Techstep, Tecno-brega, Teen pop, Terrorcore, Texas blues, Thrash metal, Thrash metal allemand, Thrashcore, Timba, Toccata, Trallpunk, Trance, Trance Goa, Trance psychédélique, Trance vocale, Trap, Tribal house, Tribe, Trip hop, Tropical house, Tropipop, Tumba francesa, Twarab (ou taarab), Twee pop, UK garage, UK hardcore, Unblack metal, Uplifting trance, Vaporwave, Viking metal, Visual kei, Vocal house, West Coast blues, Western Swing, Witch house, Wizard rock, Wonky, Wonky pop, World music, Yéla, Yéyé, Youth crew, Zarico (ou zydeco), Zeuhl, Ziglibithy, Zouglou, Zouk, Zumba, 2-step garage, 2 tone

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