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Delivery area

The PRODUCTS offered at the prices indicated on the site can only be delivered on TERRITORY (France).

It is nevertheless possible to place an order for any delivery address located outside France.

For orders outside France, please contact us at: contact@wallbackstage.com

The products are then sent to the delivery address (es) that the CLIENT will have indicated during the ordering process.

Delivery time

The deadlines for preparing an order and then establishing the invoice before shipment of the PRODUCTS in stock are mentioned on the SITE.

These periods are excluded weekends or public holidays. An email will automatically be sent to the CUSTOMER at the time of shipment of the PRODUCTS,

provided that the e-mail address on the registration form is correct.

Shipping & Returns

During the order process, the SELLER informs the CUSTOMER of the possible delays and shipping formulas for the PRODUCTS purchased.

Shipping costs are calculated according to the delivery method. The amount of these costs will be due by the CLIENT in addition to the price of the PRODUCTS purchased.

Details of delivery times and costs are detailed on the SITE.


In case of absence, a notice of passage will be left to the CUSTOMER, in order to allow him to pick up his parcel in his post office.

Problems with DELIVERY

The CUSTOMER is informed of the delivery date fixed at the time he chooses the carrier, at the end of the online ordering process, before confirming the order.

It is specified that deliveries will be made within thirty (30) days maximum. Failing this, the CUSTOMER must give notice to the SELLER to deliver within a reasonable time

and in case of non-delivery within this period, he may terminate the contract. The SELLER shall refund, without undue delay from receipt of the termination letter,

To the CUSTOMER the total amount paid for the PRODUCTS, taxes and delivery charges included, using the same method of payment as that used by the CLIENT

To buy the PRODUCTS. The SELLER is responsible until the PRODUCT is delivered to the CLIENT.

It is recalled that the CLIENT has a period of three (3) days to notify the carrier of the partial damage or losses observed at the time of delivery.

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