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Are you a photographer and wish to exhibit and sell on wallbackstage.com ?

Highlight your talent on our platform and sell your works to the general public and professionals.

WALLBACKSTAGE was created by photographers for photographers. This is why, if you want to distribute and sell your photographs of music and cinema in art prints, we offer each professional photographer or amateur expert to join the WALLBACKSTAGE community. .

Article 1 : Inscription

To become a WALLBACKSTAGE photographer, the user must contact us by e-mail. He must then provide the mandatory information (civility, first name, name, email address) and must be aware of these General Conditions of Sales and Use.

You are professional or amateur expert:

Simply e-mail us a selection of 10 maximum 72 dpi images with a size of 800 pixels in the widest edge, for a total weight of 5 Mo maximum, representative of your work, legend And accompanied by a short biography. After reviewing your file, if you approve your application, you will receive by email your parameters of access to your account accompanied by a contract to return signed.

You have photographic archives (digital or film): 

All you have to do is send us an e-mail in which you give us a brief description of the contents of your archives (subject, photographs, period or period, media type, status, quantity ...) Are the rightful owner under the current copyright laws. Do not hesitate to contact us for any necessary or additional information.

Only applications by e-mail will be taken into account.

In order to preserve a community of high quality photographers we carry out a rigorous selection of photographers. The jury and / or the WALLBACKSTAGE team assign a rating from 0 to 5 to each of the photographs, if 1 of them obtains a rating greater than or equal to 3, the candidate photographer is selected. He will then formally be part of the WALLBACKSTAGE photographers community and will have access to his personal account.

If the candidate user is declined, an e-mail will be sent to him/her.

Only the photographer himself and the management of WALLBACKSTAGE can consult the information contained in the "Private information" section of the personal space of the photographer.

The opening of several accounts on the WALLBACKSTAGE Site by the same person is strictly prohibited.

The WALLBACKSTAGE website was the subject of a declaration to the CNIL (French Data Protection Commission) under the number 1985081.

In accordance with the Data Protection Act n ° 78-17 of January 6, 1978, photographers have the right to access, modify, rectify and delete personal data concerning them. The photographer may at any time exercise this right. To do so, send a letter (mentioning his name, first name, postal address and email address) to the following address: 25 rue de Ponthieu 75008 Paris or by email: contact@wallbackstage.com. In accordance with article 6. II. Of the Law of 21 June 2004, WALLBACKSTAGE is obliged to retain the data allowing the identification of the photographers in order to transmit this data to the competent authorities upon judicial requisition to the exclusion of any other third party.


Article 2 : Mode of publication of photographs 

WALLBACKSTAGE allows selected photographers to submit their best photos to the WALLBACKSTAGE team. The jury and / or the founders will then select the most beautiful pictures to put them on sale via the Gallery.

When a photograph is validated and offered for sale via the gallery by the jury and the WALLBACKSTAGE team, an email is sent to the photographer.


Article 3 : Remuneration of photographers

Photographers who authored photographs sold on WALLBACKSTAGE are paid for each photograph printed and sold on the WALLBACKSTAGE web gallery or at the physical outlets of the WALLBACKSTAGE partners.

As a remuneration, the photographer collects a percentage of the sales price excluding VAT billed to the user per photo sold on the WALLBACKSTAGE web gallery, in the WALLBACKSTAGE physical galleries or at the physical outlets of the WALLBACKSTAGE partners.

For each photo sold, WALLBACKSTAGE pays the photographer concerned the amount due to him, as soon as possible

WALLBACKSTAGE reserves the right to change the remuneration policy of its photographers at any time, provided that it informs them beforehand.
The details of the remuneration granted to the photographers according to the medium and the format are specified below:

If a photograph is sold in an original format, not provided for in the above table, the photographer's remuneration will then be identical to that provided for the standard format closest to the original.

WALLBACKSTAGE is registered with AGESSA as a broadcaster.

For amateur photographers and authors subject to AGESSA, WALLBACKSTAGE will levy a withholding tax corresponding to a little more than 9% of the amount due to the author, in respect of social charges. This prepayment will be donated to AGESSA. If the photographer is exempted from the annual withholding tax and indicated in his account accessible on the website, WALLBACKSTAGE will pay the total remuneration directly to the photographer ie 4.5, 7.5, 10.5, 18 & 22.5 euros depending on the format.

WALLBACKSTAGE can not verify exemptions from the withholding tax of all its photographers, the photographer must undertake to provide true information (cf. article 6). WALLBACKSTAGE therefore disclaims any liability in the event of incorrect declaration by the photographers.

In addition, WALLBACKSTAGE will also pay a contribution of 1% to AGESSA.

No remuneration is due to the photographer if none of his photographs is sold. 

If a payment problem occurs on a sale or a sale has to be canceled, the remuneration due to the photographer is canceled or temporarily suspended until the problem is resolved.

WALLBACKSTAGE does not commit itself to any sales volume and at no time guarantees a remuneration for the photographer if his photographs do not sell. 


Article 4: Photographs in "limited editions / prints WALLBACKSTAGE" and numbered with a certificate of authenticity

In accordance with the photographer, the same photograph may be available in several formats: "Classic" (30 x 40 cm), "Premium" (40 x 60 cm), "First" 80 x 120 cm) and "Exception" (100 x 150 cm). By subscribing to the General Conditions of Sale and Use of the WALLBACKSTAGE site, the photographer accepts that his photographs are sold in limited edition WALLBACKSTAGE, in each corresponding format a limitation of specific prints, according to: 

"Classic" (30x40cm - Print in 20x30cm or 20x20cm): open editions

"Classic L" (40x50cm - Print in 24x36cm or 24x24): 500 copies

"Premium" (40x60cm): 500 copies

"First" (60x90cm - 60x60cm): 300 copies

"Prestige" (80x120cm - 100x100cm): 150 copies

"Exception" (100x150cm): 50 copies

Either 1,500 WALLBACKSTAGE editions per photograph.

As such, each photograph sold is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity mentioning the title of the photograph, its author, its description if necessary, and is numbered.

The unlimited WALLBACKSTAGE editions, also called "open editions", are nonetheless "original" prints accompanied by their certificate of authenticity.


Article 5 : Intellectual Property

The General Conditions of Sales and Use must be read and accepted without reservation by the candidate photographer or validated. Acceptance of these conditions is required before you can send a photograph or respond to a call for tenders.

The photographer freely assigns to WALLBACKSTAGE, exclusively for a period of two years from the date of acceptance of the present CGVU (during this period, photographs may only be sold by WALLBACKSTAGE and its commercial partners), the right to represent, Reproduce, publish and use his photographs in any form, including printed and digital.

The present assignment of rights is made to have effect in all places and for all the time when the law gives to the photographer and his rightful owners a protection on his works, in accordance with the provisions of article L. 123-1 of the Code of Intellectual property.

On the other hand, the photographer always retains his moral rights over all his photographs.

At the end of the aforementioned period of two years, the photographer will be free to withdraw his photographs from the WALLBACKSTAGE web gallery. He must then inform WALLBACKSTAGE by email or by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt.

In this case, the photographer will recover all the rights granted on the photographs concerned.

For its part, WALLBACKSTAGE will be able at any time to remove from its web gallery and its physical galleries the photographs which it no longer wishes to offer for sale, without the photographer concerned being able to claim any compensation. The photographer will then immediately recover all the rights granted on the photographs concerned.

During this two-year period, the photographer who has accepted these Terms and Conditions of Sale and Use photographer is authorized by WALLBACKSTAGE to broadcast his photographs on any website. On the other hand, the photographs must not be visible or / and downloadable in a version greater than 1000x1000 pixels.

Photos that are not selected by WALLBACKSTAGE to be offered for sale in the gallery may be removed / removed from the site by the WALLBACKSTAGE photographer or founders at any time.

In all cases, and as long as he has not removed his photographs from the site, the photographer authorizes WALLBACKSTAGE to use his photographs to promote WALLBACKSTAGE (on the site, via social networks, in a presentation, in the media , Etc.)

The photographer also allows WALLBACKSTAGE to make minor modifications to its photographs, modifications via image processing software such as cropping, resizing, changing colors and contrasts, etc. WALLBACKSTAGE agrees to inform the photographer of any changes.


Article 6 : Removing photos

From the moment a photo has not yet been validated to end up on sale on the WALLBACKSTAGE gallery, the photographer can withdraw his photograph by sending an email to contact@wallbackstage.com explaining the reason.

For each validated photo, WALLBACKSTAGE agrees to inform the photographer by email.
The withdrawal of the validated photographs can only be carried out at the end of the two-year exclusivity period, as indicated in article 5 hereof.


Article 7 : Commitments of photographers

The photographer undertakes to provide verified information about him, photographs and all information accessible and modifiable via his profile or at the time of registration.

The photographer expressly declares that his work is original and that he has the rights granted by this contract.

The photographer also warrants that his photographs do not contain any borrowings from any other work of any kind or any other element which could be liable for WALLBACKSTAGE's liability, in particular by falling under the laws and other provisions relating, in particular , Privacy, right to the image, good morals or counterfeiting.

Accordingly, the photographer agrees to make his personal business of any claim and / or legal proceeding against WALLBACKSTAGE.

In general, the photographer guarantees WALLBACKSTAGE against any disturbance, claim or eviction whatsoever that could affect the normal enjoyment of the rights transferred.

The guarantee provided by this Article covers the principal of any loss suffered by any settlement charged to WALLBACKSTAGE by an arbitral award, a court order or a transaction, and any interest and costs incurred by WALLBACKSTAGE, including any legal, extrajudicial, And fees of auxiliaries of justice.

The photographer guarantees the truthfulness of the information he informs WALLBACKSTAGE about his status with regard to social contributions (affiliation to the AGESSA, Social Security Number, Exemption from the annual withholding tax and his legal status as 'heir).

In the event of any financial charges, damages, royalties, legal and legal costs or for any sum that WALLBACKSTAGE is required to spend due to an act committed in disagreement with these General Conditions of Sale and Use by the The photographer agrees to reimburse WALLBACKSTAGE in full.


Article 8 : Termination

In the event of serious and / or repeated breach of any provision of these Terms, WALLBACKSTAGE reserves the right to close the account of the photographer concerned without prior notice or notice and without prejudice to any damages and Which WALLBACKSTAGE may also be entitled to claim, if any.

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