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The Lab


High-quality prints Made in France

The WallBackstage prints are all real prints on traditional paper, technique used for the most prestigious exhibitions.
These are very high quality prints, which are rendered, sharp and contrast in color and black and white.
The quality of our finishes and impressions are the result of a unique artisanal know-how transmitted over time.

For this we work in collaboration with the best professional laboratory in France, holder of the prestigious EPV (Entering Living Patrimony) label, a true reference and guarantee of quality for the client who wishes the intervention of a professional recognized for his respect for the profession and its aptitude for exception.

Our Products

Photographic prints made on Durst Lambda

Great classic photo galleries, your print is surrounded by a mat and framed under glass. You can choose between 3 frame colors. Delivered ready to hang.

RA reference to the medium of photography and collectors, this process inherited from the traditional photographic silver print is the perfect marriage between historical know-how and modern digital technologies./span>

A laser comes to expose genuine silver photo paper, pixel by pixel, then your print is developed in a chemical process (chromogenic RA4 or black and white processing). This is followed by fixing, washing and drying.

Printing on rigid substrates

This is a method of inkjet printing. These inks are solidified and attached to the substrate by UV rays.
This process allows direct printing on a wide variety of rigid substrates such as Dibond© and Plexiglass.

> Counterbonding on Aluminum

Adapted to works of large format, this finish allows a direct look at the work. A contemporary and elegant finish.
It is glued without overhang on a composite aluminum plate. This thin and light material, consisting of two layers of aluminum around a polyethylene core,
is the most suitable for keeping perfectly a very large photograph perfectly flat over time.
The work hangs with two hooks for works of higher format and allows you a quick installation in your interior.

> Counter-bonding on Aluminum under Plexi support

A finish ensures optimal protection of the work and an optimal enhancement of colors and contrasts.
The print is covered by a plate of acrylic acrylic glass. Adhesion is achieved by the reaction between two liquid components, without glue.
The print is perfectly protected and acquires enhanced depth, brightness and color intensity.
It is glued without overhang on a composite aluminum plate. This thin and light material, consisting of two layers of aluminum around a polyethylene core,
is the most suitable for keeping perfectly a very large photograph perfectly flat over time.
The work hangs with two hooks for works of higher format and allows you a quick installation in your interior.

Attachment systems:

Accroche cadre bois Barres d'accroche haut et bas Accroche chassis rentrant

Supports and finishes

Basic et Basic L

Available in 2 different formats, receive in a few days your draw ready to frame!

Comes with a draw and a mat (thick cardboard with a cut window), all assembled with a back cardboard holder, all in a blister package, this solution is simple, convenient and economical.

We offer you the draw with his mat, then you insert it in the frame chosen on your side to get a beautiful highlight of your image.

The thickness of the assembly (print + mat + backboard + blister) is 5 mm.

If you want a print with framing included, we invite you to discover our other services available in Photo Framed.

2 standard sizes are available: 30x40 cm and 40x50 cm.

In order to guarantee the best quality / price ratio, we offer standard formats, with fixed dimensions and image ratios (ratio between the width and height of the image) commonly encountered in photography.

Here are the available formats (total format, format of the window where the image is visible):

Total formatRatio 1/1Ratio 2/3Ratio 3/4
 Picture sizePicture sizePicture size
30 x 40 cm20 x 20 cm20 x 30 cm20 x 27 cm
40 x 50 cm24 x 24 cm24 x 36 cm24 x 32 cm

Silver print with wood frame 30X40 CM with mat

Timeless and suitable for both old and contemporary works, the framing under glass makes it possible to magnify the print by isolating it from its environment thanks to a mat. 

The print is inserted in a frame 30x40cm, which protects the photograph thanks to a glass of framing.

A mat is used to protect the photograph from contact with the glass and to avoid any condensation phenomenon.
(The mat is a cardboard beveled at 45 ° which is positioned on a work The first function of the past is to make the link between the subject and its frame while protecting the work from the direct contact of the glass. Also the brightness needed to highlight the subject.)

The photograph is then protected and dust-dusted behind a glass plate. 

Adopted by art galleries and large museums, it is a sober and luxurious framing that suits any photograph.

Your frame is delivered ready to hang thanks to its integrated metal suspensions (see attachment systems).

Black wood frame White wood frame Natural wood frame

ART - Direct Printing Aluminum (Matte Render)

Direct printing on Aluminum gives the photograph a matt appearance as well as a special light relief.

Art alu matt

GALLERY - Lamination on Aluminum (Brilliant Rendering)

The print runs on high gloss paper and is hand-laid on an aluminum plate. This unusual and elegant support will make the photography perfectly in value in any type of interior.

Dibond© aluminum composite laminate appeared in the art galleries a decade ago. This extra-ordinary material resulting from the assembly of two aluminum plates a few tenths of a millimeter thick gives your draft surprising mechanical properties, in particular its lightness and high non-deformability.

Aluminum laminated Gallery

MUSEUM - Plexiglas (Rendering Ultra Bright)

This exceptional technique gives the photograph a brilliant, unmatched protection and contrasts. Quite simply, the most prestigious technique to exhibit an art print.
The print is perfectly protected and acquires a depth, a better contrast and intensity of the colors is reinforced

Museum plexi on alu

Art in limited edition: exclusive prints

Each of our art photographs is accompanied by its certificate of authenticity. You will find there the number of the work you have purchased (and its limitation if any) and its title.
Our photographs are available in all sizes (30x40cm, 40x50cm, 40x60cm, 60x90cm, 80x120cm and 100x150cm) and each format has a special limitation (open editions, limited editions of 50, 150, 300 or 500 copies).

  • BASIC (Format prints: 20x20, 20x27, 20x30 cm) Ready to frame, Mat + Reinforcement cardboard, Blister. Total size: 30x40 cm– Open Editions (unlimited)
  • BASIC L (Format prints: 24x24, 24x32, 24x36 cm)  Ready to frame, Mat + Reinforcement cardboard, Blister. Total format: 40x50 cm - Editions limited to 500 copies
  • CLASSIC (Format prints : 20x20, 20x27, 20x30 cm) + Wooden frame 30x40 cm & Mat - Open Editions (unlimited)
  • CLASSIC L (Formats tirages: 24x24, 24x32, 24x36 cm) + Wooden frame 40x50 cm & Mat - Limited editions of 500 copies
  • PREMIUM (Format prints: 40x53, 40x60 cm) – Limited edition of 500 copies
  • FIRST (Format prints: 60x80, 60x 90 cm) – Limited edition of 300 copies
  • PRESTIGE (Format prints: 100x100 cm, 80X106, 80x120 cm) – Limited edition of 150 copies
  • EXCEPTION (Format prints: 100x133, 100x150 cm) – Limited edition of 50 copies

If you are looking for specific custom sizes or impressions on other media, or any other requirement that is not listed in the options available on our site, contact WallBackstage and we will see if we can help you.

For all custom printing requests, contact us at contact@wallbackstage.com


Horizontal 2/3 sizes

Horizontal 3/4 sizes

Vertical 2/3 sizes

Vertical 3/4 sizes

Square sizes

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