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Définition of "Collectors" WallBackstage:

"Collectors" are defined as exceptional art prints published in series limited to a maximum of 30 copies for the whole world on all media and all dimensions combined, signed and numbered by their authors. They are genuine works of art that meet the criteria defined by French law and the tax administration.

Our specialists check for each work submission the truthfulness of the information and the authenticity of the work, by a careful study of the visuals and descriptions provided by the photographers or their rightful claimants.

These works are delivered with a certificate of authenticity using the ARTtrust process.
Your work of art and its certificate are protected by a Bubble Seal ™ ARTtrust whose tamperproof properties guarantee your investment.


WallBackstage develops a range of products and services around the sale of high-end photographic prints, known as "Collectors" for professionals and collectors of Art.

Our Collectors are aimed at photographic enthusiasts who wish to acquire original works at affordable prices while optimizing their taxation.
All of these images allow us to respond "tailor-made" to an infinity of projects of decoration or enhancement of places or spaces by the image.
Thus we address to any person or company with a project of decoration high-end:

  • Interior decoration for hotels, restaurants and tourism
  • Enhancement of reception areas
  • Decoration of professional premises
  • Decoration of individual residences

The purchase of photographic works allows you to make a decorative choice while taking full ownership of the works.
The advantage is that it makes you the owner of works of art whose value does not depreciate, unlike simple objects of decoration which are subject to old age and whose value diminishes over time time.
In addition to beautifying your living spaces and workspaces, our art photographs have many other virtues. In particular, they benefit from an advantageous tax treatment (5.5% VAT), which allows companies, under certain conditions, to deduct from the profit for the acquisition year and from the following four years, in equal proportions, one An amount equal to the purchase price. (See Article 238 bis AB of the CGI).

Our works also represent a financial investment insofar as they have a value in the art market and are not just capital assets subject to dilapidation.


If you are looking for specific custom sizes or impressions on other media, or any other requirement that is not listed in the options available on our site, contact WallBackstage and we will see if we can help you.

For all custom printing requests, contact us at 


Purchase of works of art, tax advantages (Only Available for France)

Buying artwork by your business allows you to reduce your taxes easily. But this tax on the purchase of works of art also applies to individuals with an exemption from the ISF as well as on capital gains under certain conditions.

Tax exemption Purchase of Artwork: What exemptions for companies?

A tax deduction for 5 years:

If your company buys an original work of artist, you can deduct it from your taxable profit by fraction of equal value. And this, from the first year of purchase and then the next four.

Please note that each fraction deducted must not exceed the limit of 5 ‰ of turnover.

Example, if you make 300 000 € of CA you can deduct 1500 € / year. So over 5 years, this represents a work of art of 7500 €.

The conditions to deduct the purchase of work from your result

All works of art do not qualify for deduction for the company. To deduce the purchase of a work of art from your result, this work must be:

  • Acquired from a living artist.
  • Purchased directly from the artist or through an intermediary of the art market 
  • This work of art can be a photograph respecting the maximum print of 30 copies (see COLLECTORS).

Subsequently you must:

  • Exhibit the work in a place accessible to the public or employees of the company for 5 years: building hall, waiting room ... excluding your offices. The work of art can also be entrusted to a museum or placed on deposit with local institutions (region, department, commune or their public institutions).
  • Enter the work of art in the assets of the balance sheet.

Corporate philanthropy, a good business operation for your company

Beyond the simple tax advantage, the acquisition of a work of art by the company is an excellent communication relay.

Think of the inauguration during the installation of the work in your premises. An opportunity to invite your favorite customers, you can also mention your support to the artists in your usual media: website, newsletter or brochure.

An approach that is rewarding for your company and that allows you to develop relationships with your prospects and partners.

The advice of our accountants: think of the clubs of companies patrons to invest in several.

Investing in contemporary works is not within the reach of all businesses.

To facilitate the purchase of works of art of the TPE, corporate clubs propose to the entrepreneurs to regroup to pool the costs and multiply the impact of their operations of patronage.

As a result, you share the costs of purchasing a work and benefit from the bridging effect of the operation: inauguration, relations with institutional staff, cocktails with partners, club meetings ... Activity while satisfying your passion for art.

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